Selling to Food Retail

focused on fresh categories

How to sell products to the retail & food service in a successful manner? Learn how to help your clients sell on your products. Learn to understand and speak the retailer’s language and identify his objectives. Then, as a supplier learn how to respond to this with a suitable offer.


This course can also be tailored to suit your requirements and can be offered at your place of business. Tailored to your specific market situation, company profile and team structure.

Sales managers and commercial employees who want to build on and improve on their relationship with their (potential) clients. Which includes: sales managers, new business development managers, suppliers’ sales support employees and traders in the fresh food sector. This course is also ideal for those who particated the Category Management course.

You will gain answers to the following questions:

  • How does a retailer view suppliers?
  • The supplier’s commercial organisation.
  • How do you analyse your client?
  • What do the retailers category plans contain and how can you contribute to this?
  • What does a good account/sales plan look like?
  • Making a good assortment plan for your client.
  • The right pricing.
  • Promotions (calendar, offer, price)
  • What does an optimal client presentation look like? Based on facts.
  • Supplier pyramid
  • Key account manager role
  • Analyse your client
  • Account/Salesplan
  • Assortment proposal
    • products: the use and purchasing behaviour
    • differentiation appropriate to clients
    • offer solutions instead of products
  • Pricing
  • Promotion plan
  • Presentation proposal to the (potential) client

The course includes many practical examples, obtained from years of knowledge and experience at and with many retailers and suppliers (from Fresh Produce, Dairy, Ready to Eat, Flowers and Plants and many other categories).

€ 795,- per person, including lunch and reference book, excluding VAT.

This intensive day is scheduled on:

  • Friday October 22nd, 2021 (week 42)

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